Professionally, I’ve been building and working for software startups for a long time. My focus has been in the area of security and operations network monitoring and log data analytics. I was the original CEO and co-founder of two successful log analysis companies: Loglogic, acquired by Tibco, and RapidEngines, acquired by SevOne.

I’ve always been curious about new technology and how things work, how devices and applications communicate, and the power of the network. This has lead me to network monitoring and trying to interpret log data. Over the past 20 years I’ve been trying to develop log analysis tools to alert when there is a significant change or issue identified in the log data without having to specifically search for the anomalies in the data.

Personally, I am a proud dad of two very awesome kids, Emma and Abby. I love being a dad; it’s one of the best things ever. My wife Lorie is fabulous in every single way. We have a rescue dog named Vinnie that likes everyone in the family, but does not like the mailman. My hobbies are traveling, running, biking, and playing with new technology.