Switching to logadvisor.com domain

less than 1 minute read

I created this site a few weeks ago on GitHub Pages and have been using it with the URL - logadvisor.github.io. I think it is time to move over to my logadvisor.com domain.

GitHub provides instructions on how to configure custom domains, but I found them somewhat confusing. It really only took two simple steps. The first step is configured on my github page and the second on my dns provider.

1. In the GitHub repository Settings for GitHub Pages there is a section to add a Custom Domain. I just added ‘logadvisor.com’, clicked on save, and that created a CNAME file in my repository to direct logadvisor.github.io to logadvisor.com.

2. I changed my DNS provider to update my hostname records to point to GitHub servers. I added new records with the following values:

  • Hostname: @, Record Type: A, Value:
  • Hostname: @, Record Type: A, Value:
  • Hostname: www, Record Type: CNAME, Value: http://logadvisor.github.io/

That’s it. Now I’m using http://logadvisor.com for my site address.