Zenlog log replay utility

1 minute read

I needed a utility for testing some logging tools so I went and dug up an old utility from my past called zenlog. Credit goes to Jian Zhen for creating it many years ago. He gave me permission to share it.

Zenlog is a utility to replay historical log data for testing purposes. You can download the code from my github account, or if you use RedHat/CentOS you can just download the compiled version.

Currently it only replays back via UDP protocol. Source and destination IP address and Port numbers need to be defined with the parameters. You are able to set the message rate (minimum and maximum) per second, and number of messages to send.


    -s (required) Source IP address to spoof
    -d (required) Destination IP address to send the messages
    -m (required) Minimum number of messages per second
    -M (required) Maximum number of messages per second
    -c (optional) Specific number of messages to send.  Default is unlimited.
    -S (optional) Number of microseconds to sleep between sending
    -l (optional) Limit the number of times to loop the file.  Default is infinite
    -p (optional) random|cosine|constant|follow|fast
    -f (required) Name of log file


zenlog -s -d -f example.log -m 5 -M 50